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New Century zinc mine opening with Michael, Bryn and Dave

New Century Resources opens its Century Zinc Mine

Century Zinc Mine in Queensland, one of the world’s largest and most remote zinc mines operated by New Century Resources (New Century) (ASX: NZC), was officially opened last week.

Bellanhouse Managing Partner Bryn Hardcastle, also a Non-Executive Director of New Century, and partners Michael Boyce and Dave Filov attended the opening to celebrate the ambitious and innovative project.

New Century, an Australian based metal development company, aims to become one of the world’s top 5 zinc producers with its plans to restart the Century Zinc Mine operations expected to produce 15 million tonnes annually by the end of 2019.

The innovative venture will see New Century mining the mine’s dried tailings dam, left over from years of operations by previous owners. Chief Executive Pat Walta estimates that 2.3million tonnes of zinc metal currently sit in the 3km long and 2km wide tailings dam. New Century will pioneer a method known as hydro-mining to extract the zinc, never before used in Australia.

In another Australian mining industry first, the local Waanyi traditional owners have formed a joint venture with mining services company Downer. The aim is for more than 20% of New Century’s employees to be local Aboriginal workers and the agreement also gives the traditional owners the opportunity to be involved in decisions to expand the mine. The partnership will benefit local communities with an increase in training, jobs and profit sharing.

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